The Collective Center Logos

TCC Logo 1

The Collective Center Prime Logo

The Collective Center's name is indicative of it's mission. TCC is a collective, in thought, in mind, in unity, in gathering, in community and making a better world. 

TCC Logo 2


The TCC Round Logo is the must versatile. All can be resized, but this one can be moved around and placed anyplace on the page and still fits nicely 

TCC Logo 3


The Collective Center Official LUCK logo has our center circle and outer Horseshoe for LUCK!

TCC Logo 4 - The Eye

TCC The Eye

The TCC Eye logo fits many occasions It's inspiring 

Black Banner Logo

TCC Black banner logo

 The TCC Black Banner logo fits across the top on letterhead and invitations. 

White Banner logo

TCC White Banner Logo

The TCC White banner logo fits across the top on letterhead and invitations.

Enfield Exchange Logos

Enfield Exchange Logo

Enfield Exchange Logo

 Enfield Book and Writers Exchange, The Artist Series: Talks and Events Devoted to Profiling Talent in Enfield and Eastern North Carolina

Enfield exchange logo 2


The EX logo is a simple, yet, powerful symbol that represent the mission of the EXCHANGE

Enfield Exchange logo 3

EX Media Logo is perfect for social and other announcements

TCC Media Exchange logo can be used to  announce an event and  to the media 

EX Profiling talent


EX Tickets


Halifax County Student Life Broadcast

student life broadcast

Halifax County Student Life Logo

Halifax County students participate in the development of content, production, promoting and staging on-air broadcasts that engage, inform, educate and entertain the public on matters that involve student activities, such as STEMM, College reviews and requirements, graduations, homecomings, weather, sports, nutrition, Budgeting and finance, local and national news and world affairs, social functions, among other subjects.