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Downtown Enfield (DERP)

Downtown Enfield Restoration and Preservation

DERP works to provide positive publicity for Downtown Enfield. Through an intensive publicity campaign to raise awareness of Enfield's assets and positive attributes DERP has changed the conversation about Enfield. 

DERP creates events to attract visitors to Enfield and raise the necessary funding that is needed to revitalize Downtown. 

Town of Enfield


Founded in 1740, Enfield, North Carolina is the oldest town in Halifax County. In 1896, the opening of the Enfield Tobacco Market brought a glimmer of prosperity to this small town of 700 people (today 2300+). As the tobacco market grew, new businesses were established along with the Bank of Enfield, the oldest bank in Halifax County. Enfield is easily accessible 5 miles from I-95, Exit 154 

Tony Silver Concrete



Since 1995 we have provided Enfield and the surrounding areas with quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. If you need a concrete contractor call us today.


(252) 445-2981

120 North Dennis St., Enfield, NC

Perkins Crowd Management


Perkins Crowd Management Groups, LLC , a privately held corporation, is a consulting firm whose primary focus is providing expertise in the areas of event planning, crowd management, legal quality control monitoring, facility evaluation and design functionality, team development, developing policies and procedures, hiring and training management and other leadership staff and providing expert witness services. 

PCMG has provided services globally, including Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, and more. 

Seafood Frenzy


What is for supper?!! Seafood Frenzy can help answer that question!! What a treat to have this wonderful Seafood Market in Enfield! #fish #oysters#scallops #shrimp #salmon 

 Seafood FrenZy Seafood Market

115 Whitaker St, 27823 Enfield, United States

Foster A Voice


May is Foster Care Awareness month! Foster-A-Voice is committed to being a voice to help bring about awareness surrounding the issues of Foster, Kinship and Adoptions and to help those dealing with the pain, trauma of not knowing or searching for the love of a parent, and help them move forward in life. 

Sponsorship vs Marketing




Sponsorships vary widely, as the whole point is to establish a more unique advertising opportunity than afforded by typical rotating advertisements. They may include several fixed ad placements, advertorials, co-branded content sections, or anything the advertiser and publisher can agree on.

Sponsorship attempt to deliver more than a “drive by” impression. 



Target Market. Marketing activity is geared towards direct marketing to our targeted market. While our sponsors engage in elements of brand marketing. direct mail and use metrics such as CTR to balance brand association, as sponsors seek to tap into the Collective Center's goodwill and establish credibility in our target market. Many sponsors place ads, while others distribute sample products, give discounts to drive traffic to their business or cause 



 Advertisement like Billboards, newspaper ads, magazines, radio and TV commercials seek to hype and compel the audience to act, generally based on emotion.